Making the Time

   Written by:

   Paula Pesonen, RMT, Co-Owner Sandpearl Spa

We live in a busy world, always on the go.  Starting with getting up in the morning, breakfast, getting lunches ready, getting kids dressed and rush, rush out the door to get to school and work and then at the end of the day rush to pick up kids, make dinner, go to the library or get them to their soccer practice.  Then at the end of the day it's bedtime routine and phew, finally you can sit on the couch and watch that episode of your favorite show, or catch up on overdue paperwork.  And then off to bed to start it all over again.

I'm sure this sounds like a lot of families, it certainly is the reality in our home.  I find myself at times, just taking a moment and realizing that time just keeps on going and become aware of how easy it is to just caught up in it all.  I'm a massage therapist and I have a family of 5 kids and a husband and a cat.  I understand the importance of the effect a massage has on a person.  Massage allows us to stop and take a moment to escape to a place that is focused on you.  It's a great time to re-centre, re-focus or just quiet the mind and enjoy the soothing touch and being pampered.  Those tense, hardworking muscles finally get some attention and are forced to relax and chill out.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Why don't we do it more often?  I know I don't, and I'm around enough massage therapists to get one everyday!  We all have to take the time for ourselves and make it a priority - once per month or whatever works for you.

We at Sandpearl come to you.  We come to your home, set up and give you a massage and then your husband/partner as you're taking turns watching the kids.  Then how about the kids?  In this day and age, kids get stressed and tense more so than they should.  Many parents don't realize that the insurance benefits they pay for every month, includes the same amount of coverage for the kids.  Kids love massage - even a 30 minute session is enough to relax and calm them right before bed.  This is becoming a much more common occurrence because life is busy and you take a break whenever it you can take it and what works for you and your family.  

Take a breather.  Book a massage today!