Our Story

Two great friends that combined their passion for health and experiences


Both Mayhury Heredia and Ana (Paula) Pesonen became very good friends while taking Massage Therapy at Makami College in Calgary in 2015.  Their program was completed in 2015 and they both did outstanding and are now 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapists.  Being brought the opportunity to become the new owners of Sandpearl Spa, they both are excited to bring excellent mobile massage therapy service to Calgary and surrounding areas.

Sandpearl Mobile Spa is a new and innovative concept that offers the whole experience of spa and massage therapy at your place of preference. Throughout your treatments with Sandpearl Spa you discover all the benefits it brings to your health; enhance your state of mind and heal your body.  We focus on the treasured aspects of nature surrounded by tranquil music, exotic aromas, and talented knowledgeable experts to create a relaxing environment for our guests, allowing them to get in contact with their uniqueness and beauty.

 Let Sandpearl Spa improve your healthy lifestyle.


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